Wedding Stage Decoration

Wedding stage decoration : Wedding lights decorations

Wedding Stage Decoration


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wedding stage decoration

wedding stage decoration – Theluckleds 3Watts

Theluckleds 3Watts MR16 RGB Multi Color Change LED Light Bulb With Remote Control 12v for party,wedding, wine bar decoration
Theluckleds 3Watts MR16 RGB Multi Color Change LED Light Bulb With Remote Control 12v for party,wedding, wine bar decoration
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Wedding Reception Stage

Wedding Reception Stage
Stage decoration in an Indian wedding. The couple sits on this stage during the reception ceremony and accepts blessings and wishes from friends & family.

549. Floor Decoration (Wedding Venue)

549. Floor Decoration (Wedding Venue)
Decoration of the floor on the wedding stage. Traditional oil lamps are fitted with small electric bulbs.
wedding stage decoration

wedding stage decoration

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